Monday, October 25, 2010

new habit!xDxD

everyday when i wake up!
first thing in my mind is i always think of you!!
this habit i must throw away~(stress2)-.-'
but how??T.T
and i will laugh when think about the past.
hahaha so funny.
but my laugh just for a moment,because it i'll turn to cry.


but now! i'm a big girls don't cry(fergie =))
everyday when i wake up.i i'll think.
throw the old box.get a new one. it's more better right?
i a new book la.think...if we keep reading the old books it must be bored,because you already know the story right!
ha that's i mean!!!
open a new book!!maybe inside that new book have more interesting story.don't you ever think about it??>_<'
yeah~ now that's what i always think when i wake up every morning!
huda today have a new story might happen to you.
wether the story happy or not you must take it!!!~.~ really wish the bad and the sad one i'll not happen to me.! :O
so from this way my habit that "always thingking of you"~ will gone..and past by the wind~ fuhh(ape aq merepek nih)-.-' nonsense!!!
make a right desicion..and always think twice!!
smile always make you happy.
but moody make your life suck!
so everyday i need to smile so my life will not suck!
that's all for today

huda yusof

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