Saturday, October 23, 2010

for you!

langit cerah.....


* if you love something let it go,
if it comes back to you it's yours.
but if it doesn't it never was.

* love that we cannot have is the one that lasts the longest,
hurt the deepest,
and feels the strongest!
* i'd like to believe that i'll wake up one morning and not to miss him anymore!
i'll finally understand that when he broke my heart it was for a reason, one i just don't understand yet,but when i do,i'll know that he messed up! not me!

*i receive a morning sms from you.
i smile..
but when i think about a past.
i cry..

today i woke up and wrote this quotes on my book.
yeah freekin "jiwang" but it's true.
each paragraph have a different story.
hahaha.sungguh boring!
pagi2 lagi dah mengkusutkan otak dengan quotes2 kalau dah merapu tu nak buat macamne.terima jelah seadanya.;)
time tulis qoutes heart beat....dup dap dup dap.uish gle kencang.rse nak tercabut dada ni.
tapi bosan punya pasal.hahaha.
that's all

huda yusof

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