Friday, March 8, 2013

SPM result will be coming out soon!

Day by day. wuish batch 95 HELLO,HELLO,HELLO *ECHO. "DO YOU GUYS READY TO FACE IT" yes "IT"= SPM RESULT!!!
All my relatives already ask me what am I gonna be.REPEAT "WHAT AM i GONNA BE" And kalau jumpa mesti ni diorang tanya, "result SPM dah keluar?" dah agak mesti nak tanya I berapa A's ni. Chill lah dude the UPU form I still never touch or "kemaskini" yes. Jom kita jadi rojak. Failed betul dah ni. Haha. Wtv it is everyday I never miss to pray about 95 batch. InShaaALLAH. STRAIGHT A's in our hands guys :') Amiin~ Dear BRIOVS students I've been miss you guys a lot ALOTTT YAH A LOOOT even no one miss me. But what I miss a lot is the moment. Day can pass by, but the moment will forever stay in my mind (: See ya in THE DAY okay guys :')

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