Wednesday, January 19, 2011



hee.i feel very lucky because i got 4 account and the class was ROCK! gyeaah!
hee.tak jadi pindah! tu paling best korang dengar enn?ha i got two request from "sekolah teknik" one from gombak and one from sungai buloh.but i reject it because i want to stay.

no wonder when i stay there are a lot of new cool stuff :D hehehe.
new things,new gossip and new someone?xD
hahaha day dreaming. btw just wait and see.catch out my status.coming soon i said :P :P ...hahaha! dah2 huda jangan nak berangan lebih.wakakakaka!

from the picture i think you might know what am'i trying to tell you :D

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