Sunday, November 21, 2010

the new one and the old one!


find a new one.!!
but can we forget the old one?

let see.i'm giving you an one example.
something like..
your very superb special friends(a boys) gave you a teddy bear.but one day your mom thought that was a rubbish!and she throw it away into the river when you not in home -.-
when you back home you ask your mom "mother where's my whitey"(if it's have a name)
mom: owh i already throw it into the river!it's smell really suck and i thought it was a rubbish!
you:whhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttt!!!!! and your scream until you cat hide under your sheet.

this times you might cry,cry and cry.
and your mom will said
mom:hey!it's okey we can buy the other bear right
you:waaaaaaaa! i want my bear back!

when at the evening your mom suprise you with a superb big and comfy bear.
but you just sigh~because you still want the old one right?it's very meaningfull when someone special gave a gift to us right?

this situation can be replace by a human too!
like if you get a new boyfriends are you gonna forget your ex?wether the new boyfie is more better than the old one.maybe we can forget him.but sometimes when you past by a shop or you looked into something that can reminds back all your memories about you and him.
it's must be pain right.?damn so pain~

moreover,when you saw someone that treat you like his own girlfriends go out or chillin with other his EX or someone that you heard from other people that she is his new scandle or they already couple! you must feel like DAMN WHAT THE HECK! but you force yourself not to believe it! until you feel the pain and lastly you cry until you blind.
is't sooooo fair for you!???
i think it's not!

so now i just forget about the past.because for me life is a journey.what might happen maybe i can change it if i work more harder.but it's will be a fate!if you not try to change it.
i'm tired of all those things that already happen to now i need to move on.and take a good care with the new one :)

huda yusof

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