Friday, October 22, 2010



;( i can't stop thingking of you!
everyday i'm listening to stupid broken heart song.(so emo)xD
everyday i will --- just because of you,
everyday i will always thinking that you have a new one,
everyday i always look at your picture,
everyday i search a news about you, (being a stalker is the best)xD
everyday i prays that the wind can send my love to you!,
everyday i being like this!! just because of you you!
and now i'm realize that i can't let you go~sorry dudes!

but i always said this!"urgh~can you please go away from my mind....please~T.T"

yeah~but i always keep this in my mind."HUDA be strong!!you will got nothing if you keep yourself like this ;) ;)"

huda yusof